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Change in Direction

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With the upholding (well, not so much: let’s say someone decided to be creative in using the words “tax” and “penalty”) of Obamacare, the focus, for me anyway, now shifts from a priority of writing about health insurance and Colorado, and more on writing on health care in the age of Obama and how that will impact Colorado residents (or, more bluntly: how federal regulation will adversely affect Colorado residents, along with the other 49 states). This, obviously, opens things up, as I am no fan of Obamacare, and even less of a fan of how the executive branch, while eschewing the term “imperialist”, crafts regulations that are completely at odds with Congressional intent and actual law (you know, the stuff they actually voted on specifically).


A case in point: this marvelous article from Cato that speaks to the way Obamacare is being implemented with nary a thought as to the actual, constructive language in the Act. And you thought we lived in a Republic. Seems that the IRS will become only slightly less powerful that Health and Human Services. But, you already knew that, right?

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