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Housekeeping items, 2016

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I’ll not likely be posting anything else in 2016; open enrollment consumes most of my time.

Trump is the President-Elect; Obamacare is likely due to see some changes. What will the State of Colorado do? Good question, we will see!

“Repeal and Replace”: Will likely be a two year process; at the minimum, eighteen months to more than twenty four months seems to be about right. Make no mistake: Republicans have plans. I suspect they will move quickly, because moving slowly won’t capitalize on the mandate won by Trump.

Trumps’ appointment to HHS is a good indication he will likely lean more towards actively “repeal and replace” rather than tinker with the existing framework; already, the MSM is spinning it negatively, such as “the investments made to ensure Obamacare would work will likely now be lost” yada yada. As with any investment in business, market conditions change and businesses change with it; usually the last thing the MSM is concerned about would be business investments being lost. Read into this what you will.

I’m already seeing positive changes because of the election, and I’ll be more pro-active in 2017, now that conditions are ripe for tax reform, health insurance reform, and economic growth.

Merry Christmas  |  Happy Holidays  |  Happy New Year!




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