Vision Service Plan

Now available for groups of 3 or more!

Vision Service Plan is a comprehensive prepaid health benefit designed to fill the void which exists in many company health insurance plans. Founded in 1955, Vision Service Plan (VSP) is the largest provider of vision care in the nation with more than 22,000 participating doctor locations throughout the United States. VSP provides professional vision care, high quality lenses, frames, and contacts to more than 25 million employees and dependents covered under group vision care plans.

Available from Infinity Trust, VSP's vision care plan includes a variety of plans and benefit levels to meet the needs and budget of most employer groups. Due to a special arrangement, we can offer VSP coverage down to employers groups of 3 or more. In addition to the Standard Plan, VSP offers expanded programs that can include Vision Therapy, Safety Eyecare, coverage for a second pair of glasses, and other plans and programs.

VSP offers a variety of administrative options designed to suit your situation. Email us for further information.

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