Dental Coverage

Vision Coverage

We specialize in developing cost effective dental plans on an employer-paid or voluntary basis for employers with 1-200 employees. Dental options for employers include voluntary panel, HMO, PPO, and "see–any–dentist" plans.

Dental insurance choices may depend on the number of employees that you have:

  • Most insured plans are available for employers groups of 10 or more, with some plans available down to 3 or fewer employees.
  • Waiting periods are common for insured plans, usually for major services, unless you've had prior group coverage.
  • Non-insurance plans, known as discount dental plans, offer more flexibility in plan design, using their local network of dentists, with no limits on benefits or any waiting period.
  • Direct Dental Plans has the option of using established national networks< such as Aetna Dental.

Typical insurance plan features would include:

  • different deductibles and co–pays, with maximum yearly plan benefit and coinsurance percentages.
  • A traditional dental policy will cover expenses, based on a usual and customary percentile, at 100% preventive, 80% basic, and 50% major, up to your plan limit on a calendar year basis, usually in the $1000-$1500 a year range.

Discount dental plans are growing more and more popular and here are the reasons why:

  • Cost is low and is based on a per–member fee schedule, usually around $10 a month.
  • Coverage begins immediately, without any waiting periods for major services.
  • There are no yearly limits for services or benefits - a real plus!
  • Your actual out-of-pocket costs with a discount plan is usually less than with insured dental policy.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Do your employees? Then you should have a vision plan. Vision coverage is the fastest growing group benefit.

  • Supplemental, stand–alone vision plans are one of the best ways to improve your benefits package at minimal cost, as low as $6.00 a month.
  • Insured vision plans provide extensive coverage of these vision benefits with low or no deductible and low pricing.
  • Some plans include options that allow you to tailor the plan to your employee's needs.

Vision Service Plan - Usually only available for groups of ten or more, we have a special arrangement that allows employer groups with just three employees!

  • numerous plan arrangements — all include exam, lenses, contacts in lieu of frames and lenses, and a wide assortment of approved frames.
  • In contrast to discount plans, you pay only a small copay once each year, rather than just pay a discounted fee or price for all services. VSP, Spectera, Avesis, and AIG are excellent carriers. We can provide you with detailed information on the plans available from these carriers.
  • Most group medical carriers now offer vision plans and some provide discounts with bundled services. These plans compete effectively with stand–alone vision plans, and may include additional savings by bundling coverage's.
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